Susan Dearing-Dearings Dachshunds (Knoxville, Tennessee) Scammed Me Out of $100

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Last year back in June/July of 2007 I had sent Susan Dearing a deposit of $100 to purchase an AKC red mahogany boy Miniature Dachshund from her. She put on her web site "Sold going to live with _ _ _ _ in Georgia". Then two days later she takes "Sold going to live with _ _ _ _ in Georgia" and replaces it with $500 again. She told me that deposits are non-refundable.

She sent me an e-mail telling me that she will not refund my deposit. Well, I am not going to be putting up with this anymore. I have since then hired a good Civil Litigation lawyer in the Knoxville, Tennessee area and I will be suing Susan Dearing for all court fees, filing fees, and attorney fees.

She does not breed Dachshunds as a hobby, she only breeds them to make money off them. This is the complete reason why she is known as a "PUPPY MILL". She does not have a REAL job that she can make money from at all whatsoever. I have also done a complete background check on Susan Dearing and she is not licensed in the sate of Tennessee to breed dogs nor is she licensed by the Tennessee State Department of Agriculture as breeder.

To all potential Dachshund Puppy purchasers that are looking for Dachshund puppy to add to their family: please be aware, be informed, and PLEASE DO NOT purchase a puppy from Susan Dearing. She is a SCAM ARTIST, a LIAR, and a CHEAT!! I would never ever recommend her as a reputable and responsible Dachshund breeder to anyone at all EVER!!

This woman is also a complete mental and basket case and claims (twice) that me and one of my loved ones has been abusing a 13 year old boy in my home to the Atlanta Human Resources Department. All of the people in my household (including myself) are all adults. This woman should be put out of business for GOOD!!

Please visit my friend's website Susan Dearing thinks that I have made this web site about her, which is not true at all. This is my friend Colleen's web site and not mine. She is the one that created it and not me.

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This *** *** is a THIEF! She will BURN IN *** and FEEL the WRATH of GOD before she goes to and BURNS in ***!!!


This *** *** is a THIEF! She will BURN IN *** and FEEL the WRATH of GOD before she goes to and BURNS in ***!!! :(


This is the typical saga for June Choi

everyone. At least a lot of people don't read any of this stuff!! She's attacked another breeder in Alabama- Bama Jama Dachshunds.

My friend Susan is doing great and thankfully none of this has affected her wonderful love of dachshunds.

Hang in there Lynn Harper. You wouldn't believe how many people in the dachshund business know the June of Georgia.

Beryl, Utah, United States #27002

I just want to add something that I have forgotten to add in the complaint against this breeder.I am a firm believer in the saying "what comes around, goes around".

I know that this breeder will get just what is coming and just what she deserves soon.I know that when she does, it will hit her like a ton of bricks really hard and with a lot of force.

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